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A new way of creating personal videos and interactive content instantly upon enquiry.

  • Integration with enquiry systems for automated video responses
  • Create videos on the go within minutes
  • Build trust with more prospects faster
  • Sell cars from other dealerships


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75% Of Customers Said Video Influenced Their Purchase*

Create personalised vehicle videos for your customers within minutes with the My Showroom app.

You’ll have access to a bank of thousands of professionally shot videos and photos of cars so you can respond instantly to every enquiry; there’s no need to capture the vehicle every time there is an enquiry. In the My Showroom app, you’ll gain access to cars from our nationwide network of showrooms. So, if you don’t have the right car for your customer, you can be confident that another showroom will.

Start by dragging and dropping video content. Record a personal voiceover for your customer; build rapport and highlight the features you know are important to them: Trim and edit. And send.

You’ll receive notifications, analytics and see when someone has watched the video to make it easier to follow up with customers. Plus, everything is saved in the cloud to protect customer data. And it won’t clog up your phone.

Can Video Really Help Make More Sales?

Video Helps Customers Discover More Vehicles

If you’re in the market for a new car, one of the first things you’ll likely do is carry out some research and shoppers are relying on video to help with this. Video is the perfect way to connect with people who are already thinking about making a purchase. According to a Google study on the auto consumer journey, over 40% of shoppers who used online video for research said that it helped them discover a vehicle they weren’t previously aware of or considering.*

40% of auto shoppers who used online video for research said it helped them discover vehicles they weren’t previously considering*


Video Allows Shoppers To Compare Their Options

In addition to aiding discovery, over half of auto shoppers who turned to an online video while researching said it helped them learn more about vehicles they were considering* and 40% said they used it to narrow down their consideration.* That makes sense; after all, the sight, motion, and sound of video let shoppers experience a product in a way that other types of marketing can’t.

40% of auto shoppers use video to narrow down the car they are considering to buy*


Video Gets Shoppers To The Dealership

But video doesn’t just facilitate discovery and exploration; it also encourages people to take action. Of the auto shoppers who used video during the research process, over 60% reported visiting a dealership or dealer website after watching a video of a vehicle they were considering.*

60% of auto shoppers who used video for research reported visiting a dealership or dealership website after watching video*


Personalisation Builds Trust

72% of consumers say they only engage with personalised messaging and 42% of consumers feel annoyed when content isn’t personalised.** Using your prospects name and only responding with relevant vehicles build trust between you and your customer, ultimately increasing your chance of a sale and repeat business.Now that you can now do it simply and quickly with no loss of quality, there is no excuse.

72% of consumers say they only engage with personalised messaging*

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Auto Imaging Corona Virus Statement

Dear customer At this very difficult time Auto Imaging are adhering to all government guidelines, working from home where possible and remain fully operational. The most important thing to us is everyones health and well being. In this unique situation we find ourselves in, advertising of services may seem futile and arguably insensitive to some. We understand this, but also know that by allowing communication to continue, working closely with our partners and adapting where necessary, we can help. We are already developing variations in products that can fit into the upcoming changes in work processes retailers may face. This year will be difficult, but strong foundations and relationships will certainly help. As our commitment to our customers we will be offering free video from June 1st until September 1st to all our customers. Christopher Gray Managing Director

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